Cat is a facilitator, educator, event promoter and organizer, and minister-in-training. In one-on-one settings, Cat helps people gain perspective and clarity around a variety of life stressors. Her work is from the perspective of spiritual growth and development. Facilitating greater self-acceptance, problem-solving and healing, her methods allow people to get “unstuck” and reprioritize life goals. She has 20+ years of grief, trauma and recovery counseling experience, along with a deep familiarity with 12 step principles and other techniques for creating positive change. She has assisted clients with navigating pitfalls associated with addiction and codependency, coming to terms with loss, identifying triggers, overcoming trauma and improving relationship dynamics, with the understanding that our relationship with Spirit/Divine/Universe is what ultimately heals all things.

Cat Orme


Joshua, known as Master Joshua in the kink community, has worked with hundreds of people helping them achieve self-acceptance and become active participants in their own lives. From the experience of over a decade as a Professional Dominant, he has developed Non-Traditional Sexual Behavior counseling, geared particularly towards self-actualization. His work as Director of NTSB Counseling for Integrative Mind Body Therapy Institute, NTSB Consultant, Professional Dominant and End of Life Doula has helped hundreds to rid themselves of shame, see and embrace their identities and live richer, better materialized lives.

Joshua Rodriquez