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Here are some of the amazing people who are the heart of the Kink Collective. Get to know the brilliant minds behind our organization. Meet our dedicated facilitators, whose passion and expertise have driven Kink Collective's success. Learn more about their backgrounds, achievements, and the vision they share for making a positive impact in our community.

​​Evie is an openly neurodiverse leather life-stylist with over 15 years experience as an advocate for differently-abled youth, serving on museum and school advisory boards. She is a learning strategy professional with over 25 years experience in organizing online and in-person global learning events, hosted domestically and abroad. 

Evie actively embraces her love of education, mentoring, and service in the lifestyle since her journey commenced by co-teaching classes, co-hosting events and serving as a dungeon monitor at kink parties.

 Evie has made her home in the “Q” and plays in the “+” of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Evie Amore

Facilitator and Host

Tom has been a member of the BDSM/Kink community for over 20 years. He has experienced both sides of the power dynamic and has come to understand the importance of education, training and mentorship. He is a proud member of the Kink Collective and was a member of GMSMA, a BDSM organization that focused on education and community. Tom has participated in numerous educational events and conferences and has recently been both an online and in-person presenter at Kink Odyssey, a BDSM education workshop held at Eason Mountain. He also mentors several members of the leather community.

Sir Tom


Sir Wren’s, Lord Wyvern of Wyvern House, passion is facilitating male identified individuals to move beyond societal bindings to reach a state of healthy masculine expression.  Sir Wren garners inspiration from multiple traditions and trainings to facilitate individuals to reach greater heights of personal growth and understanding.  Inspiration for classes, workshops and sessions are influenced by Leather/BDSM culture, Martial Arts, somatic body work, Tantra, breathwork, many years of Runic study, Reiki energy practices, fire walk training, earth-based traditions including Celtic, Norse/Viking, West African, Mayan and more.  Wren is a Pagan High Priest having graduated seminary training with the Temple of Witchcraft.  Being a queer, pansexual, transgendered man it is very important to create open & safe environments for clients and students regardless of sexual orientation, lifestyle, gender identity, or gender expression. Wren is available to speak on or facilitate workshops on any of the above in a class or private environment setting. 

Sir Wren