The Kink-Collective is a leather family. We are an ever-expanding group of people who are mutually committed to each other. What binds us together is the belief in and practice of People Before Kink.

People Before Kink is the philosophy that who we are comes before what we do in the BDSM/kink/fetish lifestyle. We practice getting to know each other as people and caring for one another on a deep level before we engage with each other in play. We believe that achieving and maintaining these kinds of relationships require effort and dedication. As a group we are committed to this work personally and with each other.


This is the first of a three-part program of growth and development.

A mentor is someone knowledgeable who helps guide another person’s development. They provide insight and encouragement based on personal experience.

The mentorship program is designed to help you start or refine your journey. Through guided introspection, you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, resulting in more authentic and meaningful connections.

You will learn about negotiation — the process by which we take what we learn about ourselves and begin to share it with others.

The Mentor-mentee relationship will increase your ability to meet, invest, share and experience life with others, openly and honestly. Its goal is launching a lifelong journey of self realization


This is the second opportunity we are offering for growth and development

Training is an opportunity for hands on experience with various tools and techniques. It teaches you to take your enhanced knowledge of self and deepen your communication skills. The focus is not on the mechanical process of what we want to do to each other, but on the desired goal of how do we want to feel with each other? It is devoted to developing skills, with an emphasis on safety and consent, and to the practical application of negotiation



This is the third and most comprehensive opportunity to learn and grow.

These are one-on-one guided experiences, tailored specifically for you. Together we will connect through deep and meaningful conversations that lead to respect and trust. The establishment of trust and genuine rapport facilitates an experience different from any you have had before. You will be challenged to look within. You will acquire confidence and begin to see your true value. You will also bring your negotiation skills to a new level – not only becoming skilled at knowing and asking for what you want, but learning how to make safe space for others to do the same. These experiences will help you see the unlimited potential of BDSM for personal growth and development.

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