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Where are you located?

    We currently host most of our events at The Sanctuary of East Harlem, located at 113 E 125th Street 2R, New York, NY 10035

What Should I Bring?

    Most classes specifically list what to bring. You can always bring your own water bottle, notebook and pen for classes and appropriate gear for the class, workshop or event you are attending

What is the dress code?

    Whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. This is primarily an educational space and so “dungeon” attire is not really necessary. 

What can I expect from the space?

    The Sanctuary of East Harlem is in a 2nd floor walk-up. There is a bathroom and a place for your things when you arrive. We make water, tea and coffee available at all the events, and soft drinks are additionally available at socials.

Why are classes in a no-lecture based format?

    We don’t believe that skills can be acquired, let alone mastered, from a power point presentation. So we use active round-table discussion, live demos and hands on experience to facilitate all of our classes and workshops

What is your refund policy?

    Refunds are on a case-by-case basis. Most often, if you can’t make an event you have paid for, we are happy to have you apply the balance to a future event

What should I bring?

     For classes, bring supplies of your own (if you have them) that supports the modality being offered:

  • Water, coffee and tea are provided, but you can bring your own water bottle
  •  A notebook and pen, if you are a note taker

How do I prepare for class?

    Dress comfortably and preferably in something that facilitates the modality (close fitting clothes for bondage, something easy to get in and out, with undergarments you are comfortable with for fire play, etc. If you have questions about this, please reach out