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Counseling Programs

Our intensive programs are personalized experiences that go beyond traditional counseling. Through an in-depth intake process we gain a profound understanding of you and where you are in your life. Together, we create a program that works for you, in a time, space and schedule that works. Our programs are truly tailored - we meet you where you are and create an experience that will get you from where you are now, to where you want to go (even if you are not currently sure what that is!)

We draw deeply from the wells of life’s experiences - identity and self-actualization, grief, spiritual seeking, recovery, sexual and gender identity and end of life and bereavement work are just some of the roads we have traveled. The systems we have developed work regardless of where along the way you got stuck - - the development of relationships, overcoming trauma, and/or healing the shame that comes from not being seen and heard

Here are some of the programs we have developed for clients:

Non-Traditional Sexual Behavior Therapy is a program designed for you to achieve the greatest level of authenticity and self-expression. It is the development of and and an on-going conversation between you and your guide. After a lengthy series of introspective exercises, your path is charted. We will get to know you and you will come to trust us.

Unstuck and Get Moving is an intensive program, a personalized experience that goes beyond traditional counseling. Through an in-depth intake process, we gain a profound understanding of your situation. We then come to your environment, immersing ourselves in your world to identify what's working and what needs adjustment. This system works regardless of where along the way you got stuck

What's included:

- Personalized intake process

- On-site analysis and evaluation

- Collaborative reorganization of your environment

- Clear roadmap to move forward

Phase II Recovery is specialized coaching designed to guide individuals in recovery to new levels of mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Together we delve into essential topics such as conscious contact, enhancing relationships, advanced co-dependency recovery, and navigating life with greater fulfillment. Work with a seasoned coach with long-term recovery and years of coaching others. This offers a unique opportunity for personal growth. Gain insights that propel you towards a more satisfying life. Whether you're seeking to deepen your recovery journey or simply looking to thrive in various aspects of life, Phase II Recovery provides support, knowledgeable and experience.

Navigating Grief can feel incredibly isolating, leaving you with a sense of profound loneliness and the belief that you should have moved on by now. This experience can be debilitating. Our compassionate coaches, drawing from their own life experiences, offer a unique understanding that goes beyond mere empathy. We tailor our approach for each individual, ensuring personalized support. 

Facing Mortality - One of our clients, a woman diagnosed with cancer, came because she wanted to “feel beautiful” before she died. Life takes on a special significance when faced with the ending of it, whether yours or that of a loved one. You will be supported as you mend relationships, fulfill aspirations and take on whatever you want to change. We will stand with you as you reconcile all that you have been unable to without support.

Book Your Free 30-Minute Consultation:

We believe in the power of connection and collaboration. Your journey towards personal growth and transformation starts with a conversation. That's why we invite you to set up a free 30-minute consultation. During this session, we'll get to know you better, understand your goals, and determine the best way our services can support you.

We're not just counselors – we're partners in your journey towards positive change. Let's work together to unlock your potential and create a path to a brighter future.

Take the first step today. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.