Events & Intensives

As a hub of education and inspiration, we curate a dynamic array of events, intensives, workshops, and retreats, each meticulously crafted to offer transformative experiences. Our offerings are in a constant state of evolution, but here's a glimpse of what awaits you in the near future:

Resonance: A Skill Building Social and Play Party

Hosted the 1st Saturday of each month, this event facilitates meaningful connection with other participants using methods garnered from the foundational course Connection: Simplified. Afterwards is a play party, with demos and skilled practitioners on hand to assist where needed.

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Elevate your evenings with our one-of-a-kind specialty events, meticulously designed to fascinate and inspire.


  • Wine and Bind is a captivating fusion of wine tasting and enlightening demonstrations on bondage. This unforgettable evening seamlessly blends sophistication with curiosity, resulting in surprising and memorable experiences.
  • Chocolate Seduction is an evening that delights all the senses and shows you the erotic side of "playing with your food". Pair with fellow attendees and build scenes that allow you to express your creative side. This evening includes a variety of chocolates, an array of complimentary tastes and textures, as well as champagne palate cleansers


BDSM 101: A Weekend Intensive 

Embrace your true self through our Weekend Intensive centered around connection and identity. Building upon the foundational principles of our Connection: Simplified course, this intensive retreat delves into the intricate tapestry of human connection, focusing specifically on the realm of sexual identity. Explore the depths of authenticity within a safe, nurturing environment, and acquire the confidence and pride to express your deepest needs and desires. Following your newfound ability to connect with others, we spend the rest of the weekend exploring various modalities of connection, such as rope, impact, bondage, and other forms of energy exchange.