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Socials and Discussion Groups

The Tuesday Online Discussion Group with Cat and Joshua, is a deep dive each week into a a variety of exciting and relevant topics - happening weekly from 6pm to 7pm Eastern Time. In this safe, roundtable-style environment, participants are encouraged to turn on their cameras and openly explore topics often left unspoken. These meaningful conversations provide a unique opportunity to connect, share perspectives, and grow together. Join us to embrace the power of dialogue and contribute your voice to discussions that truly matter. Zoom link:

Beyond the Collar is a conversation dedicated to digging deeper into lifestyle discussions and insights that go beyond the surface level from those interested and/or living the lifestyle. Explore the depths of the s side with our engaging and thought-provoking conversations that will challenge your perspective and inspire you to start thinking outside your norm. Tune in for a fresh take on topics ranging from relationships and personal growth to lifestyle exploration and safety. This conversation happens every Tuesday from 7:30pm - 8:30pm Eastern Time. Zoom link:

Come join us for Uncovered Conversations, an exciting and important online discussion amongst lifestyle Dominants that takes place every Tuesday from 9pm - 10pm Eastern Time. These are people who have put their time in, studying and learning. They are Heads of Households, folks who have been in the lifestyle for more than 10 years, and have developed varying ways of approaching things like power exchange, technical training and more. This conversation is open to all. It is an opportunity to hear and learn from seasoned Dominants who have a variety of ways of educating and supporting those around them and those who come asking for education and support. Zoom link:

The BYOB Rope Share happens every 1st Friday of the month. It is a beautiful experience of getting together to share experience and knowledge in a lighthearted and friendly environment. Together we share insight, rope, skills, snacks, conversation and smiles. It is a great way to step into the community, whether you are an avid rope enthusiast, becoming curious about bondage or just looking for a safe place to connect with other like-minded folks.