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The Kink Collective Mentorship Program

The Kink Collective Mentorship Program

Welcome to the mentorship program, where you and other committed individuals like you, will embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. Through challenging introspection and thoughtful conversation, you will harness potential, connect with other who share your desire for authenticity through hard work, and shape a life that resonates with your core values and aspirations.


Program Highlights:


Weekly Online Group Sessions: Participants will come prepared for meaningful discussions, interactive activities, and breakthrough insights that will reshape your perspective and propel you towards the life you’ve always wanted.


Empowering Community: Connect with a dynamic community of like-minded individuals who are ready to support, uplift, and inspire each other on their paths.


Action-Oriented Assignments: Prepare for each week with assignments designed to push your boundaries, stimulate growth, and facilitate personal transformation.


Ethical Clarity: Explore your core values, principles, and ethical compass in a safe and supportive space, gaining clarity on what truly drives you and guides your life choices.


Empowerment and Purpose: By the end of the program, you will emerge with a renewed sense of purpose, a deeper understanding of yourself, and the tools for living that reflects who you really are and resonates with your true passions.


Curriculum Overview: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Empowerment


Month 1: The Path of Self-Discovery

Dive into introspection and guided conversations centered around our foundational course, "Connection: Simplified." By exploring your innermost thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, you will uncover your authentic self, laying the groundwork for continued personal development.


Month 2: Exploring Energy and Power Exchange Through the Top/Dominant Lens

You will delve into the dynamics of energy and power exchange, examining what these concepts mean to you., gain insights into your strengths, leadership style, and how you perceive yourself within power dynamics.


Month 3: Continue Exploring Power Dynamics Through the bottom/submissive Lens

Continue the exploration of energy and power exchange, this time from the perspective of bottom/submissive. By reflecting on vulnerability, trust, and submission, you will deepen your understanding of your own desires and boundaries.


Month 4: Navigating Access and Boundaries

Who has access to your time, body, and resources? Explore the art of vetting and scene preparation, honing your skills in discernment and boundary-setting for healthy and fulfilling connections.


Month 5: Mastering Negotiation and Consent

Once you understand what you require to grant someone access, you will refine your approach to access and boundaries through comprehensive negotiation techniques. Conduct a thorough review of the Y/N/M list to understand your preferences and desires, empowering you to engage authentically with yourself and others across various modalities.


Month 6: Embracing Your Defined Self

Culminate your journey with a deepened sense of self-awareness, worth, and empowerment. Reflect on all the benefits you have received throughout the program, which have solidified your identity and revealed your value within yourself, as well as in your connections with others.


Each month's structured curriculum is carefully crafted to blend introspection, exploration, and community engagement. Through the guided conversations, activities, and reflections listed above you'll gain clarity on who you are, where you're headed, and how to thrive in relationships with yourself and others.


The mentorship program a comprehensive 6-month program. Groups will meet virtually once a week for three hours. The work you will do over the 26 weeks will reveal to you who you have been, both in and out of the lifestyle, who you are now and where you would like to go. These sessions will help you see yourself not just as a kinkster, but as a whole human being. Each week’s meeting will incorporate group conversations in addition to smaller and one-on-one breakout groups. 

We are currently accepting registration for a pod that will meet every Monday from 8pm – 11pm. This group will get underway on May 6 and is more than halfway full. There will also be groups on Wednesdays from 6pm – 9pm, Fridays from 7pm – 10pm and Saturdays from 11am – 2pm. If you are not available for the Monday group, please write to us and let us know which of these other days/times work for you. Please go to for more information. You can also set up a free 15-minute Discovery Call to ask questions and find out about early registration discounts. You can reply here, or email us at


This isn't just another program; it's a catalyst for transformation, a journey of self-discovery, and a roadmap to living your most vibrant and fulfilling life. We are happy to have you with us for this opportunity to join a community of change-makers, visionaries, and trailblazers. Dream big, embrace growth, and embark on a life-changing adventure with us.