An Intro To Holistic Relationship Building, Through The Lens Of BDSM
Friday-Sunday, March 20th – 22nd | for information:

You’re here because you’re seeking something.
Perhaps you’re frustrated with cookie-cutter relationships and are enticed by the idea of kink. Maybe you’ve been involved with kink for a while, and your endless string of kinky (yet superficial) encounters has left you feeling unfulfilled and lonely.
Or, perhaps you already have everything you’re supposed to be satisfied with, but it still feels like something is missing. That’s because it is, and you’re not alone.

This lack you’re feeling, a deficiency in genuine human interaction, is a defining trait of our times. Somewhere in all these apps we use to facilitate connection, we’ve lost sight of people as a whole. Our interactions are becoming increasingly transactional and agenda driven.

PEOPLE BEFORE KINK is a weekend-long intensive, open to all genders and sexual orientations, in which attendees practice communicating, relating and listening to each other as whole people, rather than as candidates to fill a “kinky void” in their lives. Combining the worldviews of BDSM/Leather and diverse relationship strategies, participants from various backgrounds — seasoned kinksters, kink-curious and “vanilla” alike — will be lead to pursue relationship goals, taking the scenic route through the human soul.

PEOPLE BEFORE KINK is the guiding philosophy of the KINK COLLECTIVE, a group devoted to education and personal growth through the ethical exploration of kink and BDSM.

MASTER JOSHUA, co-founder of the Kink Collective, is a relationship coach, event organizer, educator and a professional Dominant. With 20+ years living the BDSM lifestyle, he has devoted himself solely to guiding others in living fully realized lives, through introspection and the pursuit of their own truths.

MISS CAT, co-founder of the Kink Collective, is an event organizer, educator and lifestyle coach. The former owner of Decadence, one of NYC’s most prestigious swing and BDSM clubs, she helped reshape the course of many lives by providing a safe and conscientious environment in which to explore.

PBK – Weekend Intensive

March 20, 2020
7:00 PM-