How I found faith

I was going through photos of my then slave, Jim. He was in a posture, a slave posture. I looked at it and said to myself, “Wow, Jim has a lot of faith in me”, as in, he has faith in me to always do the right thing for him, to the best of his ability. He always had fear, but he leaned in as best he could. Seeing the photo, I had to reflect on that and acknowledge his faith. Then   I asked myself, “Who else has faith like that”? Religious folks, right? Those who have learned, who are taught, and even indoctrinated, but then there are those who have experienced faith. What I understood in that moment is that they have a belief in a Higher Power, a power greater than themselves that governs them. They have faith in it, they believe in it.I then said, “What do I believe, what do I have faith in?” And what came back to me was Karma. I believe in Karma as a Universal Law, that its thins that governs what

are we doing and how are we functioning. So, this is  how I found my faith in a Higher Power, and my belief in the governing power of the Universe, which, for me, is Karma. 

The Kink Collective was a co-creation from the remnants of a dissolved relationship. In the wake of that, I connected with Cat. Philosophically, she resonated deeply with my approach to event hosting and the approach to the lifestyle. She ran her club the same way that I ran my events. And, during that time, I was having to reflect on who I was, where I was, where my life was, and where I was going. She was engaged in the same sort of introspective work. We decided to build from there. The idea was to gather like minded folks, people who believed in the value of people. The philosophy we developed is called People Before Kink, which states that who we are comes before what we do. The people we were interested in also understood the value of service and selflessness. We knew that people have their own trials, and growth, to go through, but these were folks who demonstrated the ability to do it and became actively engaged in it, to whatever degree they could. Not only were these people actively engaged in self-reflection, but they also embraced our desire to pay it forward. In this way we created the Kink Collective as a leather family in order to provide service to the community through events and education. We hold space for each other, we hold space for others and we build community by example. 

It’s not a democracy. The philosophy, People Before Kink is the foundation of the Kink Collective. It is the purpose that governs what we do and is the formula for creating meaningful connection with ourselves and each other. It has allowed us to create space for others to just be, and then we engage in conversation from there, from equality Trying to dissect what is the governing purpose of us, what is our formula in connection, that was it – we learn to create the space so a person can just be and then we can have the conversations from there, from equality


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