As I’m seeing things now with gender and identity, it all boils down to identity. This is where I stand on gender today. My gender does matter because it is my story, my male parts, my cock. I’m proud of it, and to say I don’t want to be a man isn’t true. But I want to feel femininity as well, and not to say I am a woman or a female, but I’m a man who wants to embrace femininity.

I think if society gave us permission to express ourselves, however was most empowering to us, we wouldn’t feel so disempowered in our own bodies because of expectations. I am so eager to change, and I can say that about my skin color too. I wish I could have been darker. I wish I could have been this or could have been that, but you know what? I’m not.

Suffering is part of our stories because through the suffering of self-loathing, self-hate, and resentment, you can dig out and find strength in and of yourself. Through your experiences you can know that you are not weak, that you are not less-than because of the color of your skin or your genitalia. 

These things have given me enough struggle in my life to know that I am strong. I’ve dug myself out. This is how I understand myself now

I think if society were to be much more accepting of the way we expressed ourselves, I don’t think the transgender experience would be so common. I think people would find their strength in femininity and masculinity through self-expression and being accepted through society.

If we had that in place, I think mental health would skyrocket, but you know what? No one’s trying to do that. So what do we do? We have to struggle and we have to fight with ourselves because we feel out of place, like we don’t belong. I think everyone just wants to belong to something, somewhere, somewhere.

Empowerment through expression. Self-awareness through introspection, being in touch with your emotions. Society needs to change if we’re going to embrace ourselves spiritually and religiously. Imagine.


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