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PBK: A Weekend Intensive in York, PA
August 18, 2022, 6:00 PM –
August 22, 2022, 2:00 PM
The Korral
5932 Colonial Valley Rd
Spring Grove, Pennsylvania 17362
PBK: Weekend Intensive at The Korral June 9 -12, 2022 Sign up at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/people-before-kink-a-weekend-intensive-tickets-321856931747

PBK: Weekend Intensive at The Korral, York, PA August 2022

PBK is a 4 day spiritual retreat. Like similar retreats, it offers participants a hands-on introduction to making connections with others through the lens of BDSM, along with opportunities to unwind and mingle. Unlike other similar events, this is a catalyst for personal transformation.

What distinguishes PBK is intention. It teaches you to create safe containers and connect without agenda. It’s meant to change your life. Learning about various aspects of our identities, exploring deep-seated desires, playing, honing skills and opening up are what’s happening on the surface. The magic of this intensive is what’s unfolding at a deeper level. When barriers are removed, when wariness and shame are resolved and you have been fully seen, heard and validated, your true authentic self can emerge. Safety and freedom at this level awaken you to your full potential.

The PBK Weekend Retreat is not a “kink vacation”. It’s spiritual intensive, crafted for a select group. The word “intensive” is intentional. This is a deep dive into who you are, what matters to you and sharing it with like-minded others. To say that it is a lot of work is not an over-statement. However, if you are committed to personal growth, this is where you are meant to be.

We are all at different points on our journey. Newcomers, veterans, couples, spiritual seekers, swingers and professional Dom/Dommes. This weekend was created to meet you where you are. Our interactions with others give our lives meaning. The sense of well-being we get from truly connecting with another is proof of that. But while we yearn for deeper connections, we don’t know how to create them. This is most painfully evident in kink settings, where we are often our most vulnerable, and yet our interactions end up being superficial and transactional.

PBK – A Weekend Intensive is designed to:

  • Immerse you in the philosophy of People Before Kink, which allows you to find and express your true self, and create space for others to do the same.Expose you to a multitude of concepts, kinks, perspectives and practices geared towards furthering your kink journey
  • Allow you to Hone skills that will bring all your connections to their full potential.
  • Put you on the path that will add meaning and direction to your kink journey, as well as all areas of your life.
  • Allow you to put into action what you are learning, in a supportive environment of classes, workshops and evening events.

Under the careful watch of a team of facilitators, this is a framework for making and maintaining deep, meaningful connections, through the multi-faceted lens of the BDSM lifestyle. What you will learn about works with people you are just meeting as well as the relationships you already have.

Our process revolves around 5 key points. We use the acronym ICAVS to make it easy to remember:

Introspection – This is an opportunity to dive deeper into yourself. This process cuts right into the middle of who you are and gives you knowledge and perspective of your life’s journey up until this point. Introspection at this level empowers you, through a unique process of self-awareness. Before the workshop, you will receive a package that walks you through a path of Introspection. It helps you find specific and valuable information about yourself. It also provides you with words to articulate your thoughts and feelings, something we are generally not taught. Self-knowledge is the foundation of our program.

Containers – Containers create safe space to be with yourself and others. In this way, you experience seeing and being seen, hearing and being heard. We will show you how to do this. It will serve you now and for your whole life’s journey.

Actualization – As you dive deeper into who you really are, you will find you have permission to remove all the obstacles that hold you back. This process gives you the space to discover and become your true, authentic self.

Vulnerability – Deeply meaningful connections require vulnerability. The magic of this intensive comes from the participants themselves. When people feel safe, they can be who they are and share themselves with another in a new way. We provide you the opportunity to experience this level of vulnerability.

Safety – We provide you a safe and educational environment in which to have this immersive experience. In this judgment-free space, you will see how to create safety for yourself and others moving forward.

This program has everything you need to get you to the root of your identity, as you are today. And it all happens in an environment of vulnerability, safety and trust. The entire process is free of judgment and agenda. This allows you to leave the workshop with valuable skills you will have practiced, freeing you to integrate them in all areas of your life.

6:30p – 7:00p Check in
7:00p – 9:00p Opening Circle
9:00p – Kinky Tastings/Show and Tell, including Pervertables

9:00 a- 10:00a Breakfast
10:00a – 1:00p People Before Kink – Cat and Joshua
1:00p – Littles’ Tent Opens on Pool Deck
1:00p – 3:00p Lunch and Pool
3:00p – 4:30p Impact Perspectives and Techniques – Joshua
4:45p – 6:15p Aftercare – Shway
7:00p Shared Experience/Ritual Letting Go Ceremony/Play Party, Pool Time, Facilitated Scenes

9:00a – 10:00a Breakfast
10:00a – 11:30a Rope – Joshua
11:45a – 1:15p Littles, Middles and Bigs, Oh My – Shway
1:15p – 3:15p Lunch and Pool
3:15p – 4:45p BDSM Dynamics – Cat
5:00p – 6:30p Needle Play – Justin
7:00p Evening activities – Pool, fire and wax play/poolside demos and facilitated scenes

9:00a – 10:00a Breakfast
10:00a – 11:30a Mummification – Eli
11:45a – 1:15p Sensory Deprivation and Sensation Play – Cat/Joshua
1:15p – 3:15p Lunch and pool
3:30p – 5:00p Continuation Circle
7:00p – Evening Activites – Kinky Karaoke

Monday (Optional – Included with Admission)
9:00a -10:00a Breakfast
10:00a – 2:00p Pool Day

Facilitator Bios
Cat has been in the kink community for 25+ years, developing a deep understanding of what it means to be on a kink journey. Cat is a counselor, educator, event promoter and organizer, and minister-in- training. In addition to education within the BDSM community, she offers one-on-one counseling to help people gain perspective and clarity around a variety of life stressors. Her methods allow people to get “unstuck” and reprioritize life goals. She has 20+ years of grief, trauma and recovery counseling experience, along with a profound understanding of 12 step principles and other techniques for creating positive change. Cat assists clients with the understanding that our relationship with Spirit/Divine/Universe is what ultimately heals all things.

Joshua, known as Master Joshua in the BDSM/Leather community, is a counselor, educator, event promoter and host, and Professional Dominant. In one-on-one sessions, Joshua guides his clients towards self-acceptance, empowering them to gain control of and become active participants in their own lives. Drawing upon personal, unique, and hard-earned transformative experiences, he has developed a personalized method of NTSB (Non Traditional Sexual Behavior) counseling, which is specifically geared owards catalyzing self-actualization. Over the past 12+ years, this system has helped hundreds rid themselves of shame, see and embrace their sexual identity, and live richer, better more materialized lives.

Master Eli Ra has been in the BDSM and Leather community for more than a decade, attending and teaching at events such as Dark Odyssey, CLAW, BBM, and ONYX Blackout. He has established himself in the community as Master, Sir, and Daddy. He holds the title of Mr. Maryland Leather 2016 and Mid-Atlantic Pup Handler. He has supported community members like Phenomenal, who went on to become Mr. Maryland 2017 and 2020 and is a proud member of Mid-Atlantic Onyx. He hails from New York City and currently resides in Hyattsville Maryland. He was trained and covered by Sir Nagrom of Baltimore and also studied under Master Sable. He’s a Queer POC Leatherman and Head of Household for The Illuminati House of Ra, a House focused on community education and outreach. IHOR incorporates folks of all titles and sexual orientations, and embraces those who seek knowledge of kink through established protocols. His family has create #IHOR GIVES BACK, a community outreach program that provides assistance to LGBTQIA folks experiencing homelessness, particularly on the East Coast. Master Ra founded Leatherboys of Color and Leathergirls of Color, as well as his extremely popular Pillow Talk program.

Justin, aka Sir Just, is a skilled needle top with 18 years’ experience, 5 of which as a professional body modification artist and body piercer. Justin grew up in a power exchange household, where he experienced discipline and protocol as a normal part of loving relationships. Being raised in this environment gave him a firm understanding and acceptance of BDSM. What calls him to BDSM is communication, stronger bonds, and a deeper understanding of relationship dynamics. Sir Just, a mentor and community leader, is lead safety Officer at the Korral His educational approach focuses on Safe, Sane, and Consensual (SSC) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK). His passion for education guides his personal relationships, as well as his relationship with the community.

Shway is a leather lifestylist and seasoned member of the kink community. She has been active over the past 8 years co-hosting social events, leading discussion groups, acting as a mentor, and providing kink education. She has served to facilitate safer events as a member of a consent response team and as a dungeon monitor. As a therapist, Shway has worked extensively with those who experience acute psychological distress and struggle with emotion regulation. She approaches this through a sex-positive, person-centered, trauma-informed lens. She has more than a decade of experience helping her clients develop a better understanding of themselves and their goals while facilitating improved coping, insight and personal growth. She has also worked specifically with minority groups (LGBTQ+, polyamorous, kinky, POC) in providing culturally competent care.

Previous attendants say:

“This experience was life changing! This intensive is very well designed to make you discover parts of yourself you didn’t know existed. The collective is very knowledgeable and incredibly approachable. I can’t wait to further explore the BDSM aspect of my life and be a part of the next generation. Thank you so much for this opportunity!” – T.W.

“I’ve already been on my journey to find me, but after this weekend I’m starting a new journey to find out who I am in this kink realm and how I fit into it. It has taught me I need to find and use my voice on asking, expressing my needs and wants. Watching everyone experience some sort of personal growth and be vulnerable was amazing. What being part of a family that sees you for you and accepts you for who you are. Priceless. The connections I’ve made this weekend was amazing and I’m so grateful for each and everyone of you that have crossed my path and accepted me. Even though I was partnered with someone I know a little and felt comfortable with. If I would’ve been there and not known anyone that well I would’ve felt comfortable experiencing that with them because that’s the space you created for us. The weekend allowed me to push outside my comfort levels.” – Kathie

“Where to start this is what I need. I was starting to get complacent in my life not wanting or trusting anyone in my life to talk about the hard stuff. Or just stagnant in life. Then here comes the Kink Collective with People Before Kink Workshop. In the beginning of the retreat Cat said you will end up crying at the end of the retreat. I was thinking nope, why would I cry? This is just another event with a spin. I am going to learn as much as I can and party. I was completely wrong. I cried so hard at the end. The friendships I built in just 4 days. I now have a new family. How everyone could just be who they are with no judgment. How much everyone was willing to teach and learn. What I learned about myself and now working on to be the best version of myself. The biggest thing that finally hit home was don’t be sorry for who you are.” – Theresa

“For me this was a wonderful boot camp geared towards networking and acceptance. Accepting the person I am today and becoming more aware of each person as they are today as well. My mentor always encouraged me to “Build the relationships, and the scenes will build themselves!” This weekend was another grateful opportunity that reinforced our core beliefs.
Thank you so much for putting this weekend together for our local community!
Be true to yourself and your journey,” – Rae-el

“As someone who is new to the lifestyle, the intensive not only exceeded any expectations going in, it also elevated the bar for any future events I attend closer to home. I learned a ton, I had fun, and I made unexpected connections. I left that weekend better prepared to explore in a more confident and educated manner.” – Tyrone

Who: Anyone interested in learning more about themselves and others through the lens of BDSM.

Where: The Korral 5932 Colonial Valley Rd, Spring Grove, PA 17362

When: August 18 – 22 2022

Why: To gain the tools and experience allowing you to know yourself and connect with others.

What: A series of educational classes, hands-on workshops and curated events. The approach is very different from typical 101 classes. Technical classes are hands-on and are facilitated within philosophical and spiritual frameworks. Roundtable discussions include all the participants in the conversation, and are based around topics that are essential for development and growth

How: Sign up here:


Where do I sign up?

Upon payment you’ll be emailed an intake form for follow up, as well as detailed information about classes and instructors.

What can I expect when attending?

An immersive experience providing structure for meaningful conversations, applicable for both new acquaintances and existing relationships. You will experience community support while you are learning. It is our goal to equip you with tools to build a meaningful kink lifestyle, and your life’s journey.

Is there any cost for the program?

The weekend is $300. This includes the classes, pool time, partied, food, beverages and the use of the facilities for the entire weekend. Transportation and lodging are not included.

What do I need to bring with me when attending?

During the day, you will be attending various classes. A notebook and pen are recommended to keep track of what you will be learning. Each evening there will be a variety of events. There are also a pool and hot tubs (clothing optional)

Is there a dress code?

During the day, dress for comfort. For the evening events, the suggestion is “Dress in what makes you feel strong, beautiful and confident !!”.

Can I volunteer to help defray the cost of attendance?

We have a scholarship program. It is steeped in the concept of service and recipients will be given a list of responsibilities. This experience allows you to attend the event if cost is an issue, and requires you to return that energy by being of service to the event. It is a way of allowing you to have “skin in the game” by keeping the flow of energy balanced

What is Host Location?

The Korral
5932 Colonial Spring Road
Spring Grove, PA 17362

What is the Korral?

The Korral is a kink and swinger event space in York, Pennsylvania hosting weekly events.
For more information on the Korral please visit https://thekorral.com/

Who is the Kink-Collective?

The Kink-Collective is a leather family focused on BDSM lifestyle education.
For more information on the Kink-Collective please visit https://kinkcollective.net/

Is participation mandatory?

No, participation isn’t mandatory. What we do encourage is going into this intensive with an open mind, void of labels and roles, with the intention of learning to create safe containers and connection without intention. We hope you will actively participate in the classes and workshops. During the evening events there is absolutely no expectation for you to do anything, except be respectful, and watch, listen and learn.

What is the age range of participants?

Ages range from 21- 80! Age is less important than open-mindedness, a desire to play and genuinely connect with others. However, you must be 21 to attend the workshop.

Do I need to bring toys?

No. However, we do encourage you to bring toys if you have them. This is a great time to learn about your toys if they’re new for you. For the experienced folks, it’s a great time to share stories about your equipment when asked !!

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