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June 4, 2022, 9:00 PM – 2:30 AM
250 W 26th Street
New York, New York 10001
391 Harrington Hill Road
Greenwich, New York 12834
A Socially Inclusive BDSM Play Party

Dungeon is a BDSM event based on the Kink Collective’s philosophy of People Before Kink. We believe that while our various interests as kinksters are what brought us together, what truly drives us is a universal need to feel seen, understood and accepted for who we are. For us, who you are is always more important than what you do, and we structure our events and activities accordingly.

Paddles is New York’s oldest, best known and largest (5000 sq ft) BDSM dungeon. The venue comes equipped with:
*Prison Cells
*Suspended Cages
*Bondage Chairs
*Bondage Tables
*St. Andrew Crosses
*Spreader Bars
*Spanking Benches
*Suspension Frames
*Suspension Hard Points and Tripods

Resident Fire Play: SimplySmitten13
Resident Wax: Pup_Kenzo

Paddles is located at 250 W 26th Street (btw 7th and 8th), New York, NY 10001
Cover $30 for everyone, all night

Coat check is available.
Paddles is NOT a BYOB venue. Soft drinks, water and energy drinks are available for sale.

***The Kink Collective is a group inclusive to all. Our events are designed to support everyone who associates with the kink/fetish community. We do not discriminate based on gender, gender identity, political affiliations, organizational affiliations, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or kink.

Come join us at Dungeon: A BDSM Experience
Date and Time: Every First Saturday from 9PM till 2:30AM.
Please note in order to attend:
*Proof of Vaccine and ID are REQUIRED.
*Cash only venue
*Dress Code: Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Be authentically you!
Our dungeon event is open to all genders and levels of experience. We offer all those in attendance the opportunity to pursue their kinks and fetishes in a safe place with like minded individuals. If you are new to the kink space, curious of kink or an experienced life stylist this is an experience you won’t want to miss.
What makes us different from the rest is we set the tone by allowing each person to have deeper and more meaningful interactions throughout their experience. During the evening, we will chat with you about Kink Collectives philosophy of People Before Kink. We want to build the conversation of, who we are before we discuss what we are into!
Schedule of Events:
9:00-9:45pm: Social Time
Come meet your hosts, DMs and other attendees as the event starts. This is a great time to put names to faces as you make yourself comfortable, allowing yourself to build confidence and see the play space before play begins. This social opportunity also allows us to connect with those around us on the level of who we are! Keep in mind our DMs (who have glowing Arm bands) can assist in facilitating introductions and can answer any questions that you may have during this time!
9:45 – 10:00pm: Safety Briefing
Safety is our number one priority for ALL in attendance. We will review our rules as a group! In the event you arrive later, rules are posted in the play space and provided below for awareness.
Play space is open at 10 PM, we will offer those who are brand new or first timers to our event, a tour of the space. We will point out some spots where you’ll be able to catch some specific play and demos! Be sure to check out our demos at 11pm & 12pm.
We can’t wait to see you there!
We are all about consent. Do not touch before asking, EVER.
You are able to withdraw consent at anytime. Once consent has been withdrawn, activity is to stop IMMEDIATELY. Ensure in negotiation you are discussing safe words and signals.
The Top is legally responsible for stopping the scene at any sign consent is withdrawn. The bottom is responsible for ensuring they are clear and unequivocal when withdrawing consent.
If you have a concern, or witness a consent violation, please address it directly with us. No matter how small you may think it is.
No means NO. Includes: requests for scenes, touching individuals or implements & inappropriate behavior.
Everybody is equal REGARDLESS of how YOU identify. Respect everyone!
While a scene is in progress, please DO NOT interrupt.
Keep all conversations to a low conversational volume. As a guest at our events, you have the right to ask others to lower their volume if it’s disruptive to a scene in progress. We police our own.
We all Help to maintain the integrity and compliance of scene safety.Keep your play scenes safer.If you aren’t sure, ask.
No Violence, threats or challenging behavior.
Kink-Collective holds the final decision.House safe words are red and yellow.
You are responsible for your guests’ behavior.
You attend at your own risk.
BDSM play can be intense. If you are or think you are being triggered by something, it is YOUR responsibility to remove yourself from the area and take care of yourself.
Ask for help If you are going to engage in any sort of Edge Play (knives, fire, suspension, etc.), please notify a DM in advance so that if we have to respond to a problem, we know in advance what we are dealing with.
No phone usage in the play space, please step outside to make a call or text. No photos or videos of any kind – unless authorized & supervised by event staff.
Coat check is available to guests for $3. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
The DM and staff have the right to observe and monitor scenes for safety at any time.
Clean equipment prior and post use. You don’t know who used it last.
Our events are for those interested in making genuine connections with others. People Before Kink is not something we are just talking about. We will hold everyone to these standards and there is a 1-strike policy. Anyone who cannot conduct themselves in a courteous and socially appropriate manner will be escorted off premises and excluded from any future KINK-COLLECTIVE events. If there are any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding our rules and regulations please feel free to inbox us. Your input is valuable to us.
About the venue:
Paddles is a clean 4,000 Sq Ft Dungeon with over 20 pieces of equipment including but not limited to:
• St. Andrew Crosses
• Spreader Bars
• Spanking Benches
• Suspension Frames
• Suspended Cages
• Bondage Chairs
• Bondage Tables
Please keep in mind at this time, Paddles does not have handicap accessibility.
With the assistance by Mt. Sinai Medical, We are also returning with FREE STI TESTING at Dungeon.

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